MWP are Primarily a Vehicle Tuning, Performance Car Sales and Service Centre based in Chester, Cheshire

Established in 1999 and originally set up as a GM Specialist MWP have now extended our expertise to most vehicle brands especially in terms of remapping. We do however still tend to focus on what we know and do best. At this moment in time our expertise lean towards the whole VXR range and we have a huge part to play in the HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) scene here in UK. We are also currently working on exciting new projects with the latest Ford Mustang & Ford Transit.

We are actually the only dedicated VXR & HSV Vehicle Sales, Service & Tuning Centre in the Country. We carry most service and tuning parts, many of which are developed in house by MWP and we also house an array of VXR’s & HSV’s in our dedicated Showroom to feast your eyes upon.

Our in house tuning facility boasts a 2000hp 2WD Dynamometer, Franchise supported remapping facility with Autotuner & CMD Boot Capability, HSV Tuning via HP Tuners & EFi Live all carried out by Australia’s leading Tuner Luis Sola.