The Courtenay Klasen High Flow Inlet Manifold is the result of many months of development and testing, and after numerous prototypes the final product was developed.

Designed to remove the restriction in the original inlet manifold that restricts air flow into the engine. This manifold will allow the engine to breathe fully, and has been designed to increase power but not at the expense of mid range power and torque (for example, a shorter inlet manifold will give good power at extremely high end rpm i.e. 8,500 rpm but will lose mid range torque).

Ideal for fast road and track use.

Gains have been shown on Stage 3 300 bhp Astra VXR, on a K06 hybrid turbo (with no loss in mid range torque) and on full Garrett builds running for example a GT28/30/35 turbo unit, allowing the engine to continue to produce power well above 7,000 rpm.