If performance or a slightly enhanced, sporty aesthetic is required for your vehicle, King Springs lowering springs are the best choice. Lowering springs will provide a sizable upgrade in steering and handling (when combined with the right parts). This makes them perfect for performance, prestige and modified cars that want to look and perform their best on both the road and the track.


  • Complete Front Shock Absorbers with new topmounts+Bearings,Dust covers and Bolts.
  • Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Front and rear King lowering Springs
  • Front anti roll bar with uprated polyurethane mounts
  • Rear anti roll bar with uprated polyurethane mounts 



  •       Made from high-grade, high-stress X5K Spring Steel, engineered and designed by King Springs for the best spring rate and coil shape.
  •       High quality material maintains strength, comfort despite being 30% lighter than conventional springs.
  •       Optimizes vehicle’s handling by providing a more responsive road feel.
  •       Provides reduced roll and a lower center of gravity, meaning vehicle is better balanced.
  •       Reduces vehicle ride height by approx. 30mm > 35mm from standard on both the front and rear axles.


  •       Designed in Australia by FULCRUM Suspension (Super-pro).      
  •       Gas Short Travel shock absorbers Specifically Designed to work with King Springs lower ride height.
  •       Superior ride & handling qualities obtained by using specially developed bump & rebound settings.
  •       Multi Lip piston rod seals.
  •       High Temperature Fluid.
  •       Large diameter double chrome plated piston rods.

 To ensure continued high quality we closely monitor production to ensure that specifications are being adhered to. Backing this up is also quality control in Australia and that we offer 3year 60,000 mile warranty!

Fitting available at our state of the art premises for an extra cost, please call or message us for details.